Welcome to DoulaWise!

Hi, I’m Jimi! Welcome to DoulaWise.

I’m a birth doula with extensive training, certifications and experience, childbirth consultant, certified lactation counselor, trained birth choice planner, and certified belly binder serving the heart of the Bluegrass. Located in Frankfort, KY, and taking clients as far as 75 miles away for in-person care. Virtual doula and lactation services are also available.

DoulaWise, LLC

Jimi has been helping people birth their babies since 2016. This work has been a passion for her since she was a child, after hearing so many birth stories that weren’t sacred and beautiful, but scary, then seeing a birth that was exactly what she envisioned her own births to be like. Seeing that birth can be empowering and serene, where the birther had all the say in how things happened, she knew this is what she wanted to help other families to achieve. What she herself wanted for her births. Now, with her own seven children being born in various settings, some ideal, some not so much, all with her calling the shots, she’s assisting other families find their own inner strength, and helping them have births that make them feel capable, empowered and strong. No one can promise you a birth of your dreams, but you can have a birth where you make the decisions on how to proceed when things come up.