Birth Affirmations for the Partner

As doulas our job goes beyond supporting just the birther. We also support the rest of the birth team. We work with the partner to build their confidence in themselves and their loved one. We help them to know, for instance, where to put counterpressure , or what they can say to upbuild and empower the birther.

Partners are going through their own sort of birth experience. Granted, this is emotional and mental, but it’s nonetheless encompassing. Below you’ll see a list of affirmations to help you as the partner or support person feel more confident in the role as a supporter of this birth.

While it can seem difficult to see your loved one in pain, this is a productive and purposeful pain. This isn’t something they need rescuing from, but rather what they need support with. Small things like encouraging phrases can go a long way to quell fears, release tension, and ultimately ease pain. Below you’ll see some affirmations that can help build confidence in the language you as the support person will use during labor.

Play around with these phrases, saying them to your partner now. It will build a reflexive thought pattern for you, and maybe it can help you come up with your own special phrases unique to your relationship.

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