I’ve been blessed to help bring some amazing babies into this world.

Some of the kind words their parents shared with me are here.

“Jimi was unbelievably valuable. She put together a pain management program for Katie that worked wonders. I cannot IMAGINE going through a pretty rough labor and delivery without her. If your partner is AT ALL worried about the pregnancy process, GET A DOULA!”

Evan, Louisville

“Jimi went above and beyond to prepare me for my labor experience. and she never once left me when I needed her. What I valued the most was her unfailing support before, during, and after my baby was born. She was one of my biggest supporters, and definitely my most informed, fierce advocate!”

Lori, Frankfort

“Being a new parent was scary, and watching my wife bring my son into the world was scarier. I felt helpless. Jimi empowered me to be present. I was able to be a greater support to my wife in those hours because of Jimi and her coaching, and I’m thankful every day for it.”

Lars, Frankfort

“Our birth did not go as planned, starting with an induction that led to hours of intense laboring. Every step of the way, Jimi’s presence made a world of difference through some of the toughest hours of my life. Jimi felt like family from the first time we talked, and if we find ourselves expecting again we will not hesitate to work with her.”

Sydney, Winchester

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