Birth Affirmations

Before labor even begins, we spend a lot of time talking to ourselves about beliefs and trust. We make a lot of internal check-ins, soul searching, and mental preparation for the task ahead. One of the many things we can do for ourselves, and our confidence is to consider our own strengths, abilities, and where we tend to second-guess ourselves. When we write these things out, we can begin to put together a list of affirmations that can be useful during labor. For instance, if you know when you are hurting you tend to tense up and stop breathing, you’ll want a gentle reminder to breathe and to smooth your forehead, relax your shoulders and open your hands. That can be two or more affirmation cards you write yourself and hang up around your birthing space, so when you see the words written it will help you do exactly that. They could say something like: I trust in my body; I relax easily; I breathe in the calm and exhale the stress. Listed below are a few affirmations that you can print out or use to inspire your own unique cards.

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