“What Do You Do, Again?”

Doulas don’t write your birth plan, or press their choices or beliefs on you or your birth: they can help you with wording, but not the decisions.

Doulas support you through labor, and help your support group also know what to do and how to help.

Doulas don’t make decisions for you: they direct you to evidence based care options.

Doulas aren’t your voice: they empower you to find yours through compassion and patience.

Doulas guide you and help find the position most helpful to you for pain relief and moving the labor along.

Doulas are there for you, physically and virtually, whatever time of day or night you need them.

Doulas respect your privacy, and don’t talk to others about what is going on in or with your body.

Doulas don’t leave your side while laboring.

DOULAS KNOW YOU CAN! And, as a member of your team, will help you accomplish it!

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