World Doula Week

March 22-28 brings us WDW! And on the very first day I was privileged to be part of a birth team, as a mother worked tirelessly in bringing her beautiful baby earthside! Two days before the due date, this magnificent mother has created memories forever etched into the minds and hearts of so many people. As I write this down, tears flow, and my heart is somewhere between bursting forth with love and hope and a melted puddle of emotion. This is why I trained for this: to bring about change in birth experiences. To help one woman at a time to feel empowered by her body, and confident in herself and her team.

(photo credit to: Robin Elise Weiss)

Thank you, all you who chose me to play a part in your birth story. Thank you, all you educators who work so hard, day in and day out, making sure mothers and babies have choices. Thank you, medical staff who chose evidence based practices. Thank you, all who took the time to read this.

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