Repeat After Me: I Can & I AM!

Your body has been growing these tiny cells into a human being for months now. Your body was smart enough to do what it needed to do in order to bring about another life. Your body was designed to birth. Your instincts tell you what calls need to be made throughout your pregnancy and during your labor. But sometimes the transitional phases, and sometimes fear of the unknown can make you doubt your ability to continue. When those around you doubt as well, it creates within a tension. That tension prevents you from relaxing and causes pain. When birthers hire someone outside of their partner or parent, someone not part of their emotionally intimate circle, such as a birth worker, a doula, an monitrice, or other such trained person, that fits your personality, and the personality of your mate, you can find comfort in their faith in your body’s ability to do this amazing thing.

Know that I believe in you. Know that I believe in your partner. Know that you’re both capable of bringing forth this life you’ve cultivated and nurtured in utero all this time and have grown so very fond of! So repeat after me: I can do this thing! And I AM doing this thing!

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