About Me

Jimi comes from a family of six kids and has since birthed a large family with seven children of her own.

Since she was small, having grown up hearing traumatic birth stories of her mother’s and her mother’s friends, she wanted to change the birth world for the better, not just her own births and outcomes, but the experiences of mothers everywhere.

She attended nursing school, but soon figured out that wasn’t the path for her. Attending births as a comforter and supporter for years, she discovered during her third pregnancy in 2010, the role she had been acting as had a name: birth doula.

From that moment forward that is what she has called herself, and that is what she trained for. Adding to her DONA doula education, she began her membership to Rebecca Dekker’s site: Evidence Based Birth, VBACFacts with Jen Kamel, International Doula Institute for Certified Breastfeeding Counselor under Donna Sinnot, and BreeAnn Moore’s course to learn Belly Binding. Recently she completed Indie Birth‘s Powerful Doula program to learn more about the different roles of birth and postpartum doulas as well as birth workers of many types and is continuing to further her education on various types of support for birthing families.

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