The Yearly

It’s not pleasant to be in stirrups, or to have a doctor and nurse staring at your yoni while you lay on a table half clothed, shivering under a sheet, staring at fluorescent lights. Or waiting for the doctor and nurse to finally enter the room, no one to talk to, and rereading the posters on the walls about the final stages of development of a fetus and iud selections. As unpleasant as it is, it’s super important to your health!

So, while we all know early detection is the best way to survive cancers, and prevent pre-cancer from developing into cancer, we don’t always want to think about how it may be living inside our bodies already. For anyone who has ever had an abnormal exam, yearly is best for repeat Pap smears, and every two years for women who haven’t.

As boring as it is, it’s worth that little piece of mind that comes from your Gynocologist office giving you the all clear!

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