The Yearly

It’s not pleasant to be in stirrups, or to have a doctor and nurse staring at your yoni while you lay on a table half clothed, shivering under a sheet, staring at fluorescent lights. Or waiting for the doctor and nurse to finally enter the room, no one to talk to, and rereading the posters […]

Taking Care of You

It’s important to always spend some time for yourself, but never more important than when you’re caring for a human. And when that human is inside your body, messing with your posture, throwing off your equilibrium, causing your back, feet, pelvic floor, knees, hips, sciatic nerve, and/or tailbone to suffer, there are two things you […]

Summertime Baby!

Pregnancy is so exciting! There are amazing things happening within your body, and the joy of being a part of that is indescribable. Even when it’s 150° outside. What’s not so exciting is dehydration and the effects that can have on you and your unborn. Contractions and swelling are no fun, and can be no […]